Auto Detailing


Restore Your Vehicle

Professional Auto Detailing can significantly improve the look of your car, increasing its appeal and value.


Exterior Vehicle Detailing
  • Exterior Vehicle Wash
  • Meticulous Wax and Polish
  • Spot Free Microfiber Hand Dry
Interior Vehicle Detailing
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Q-Tip Vents and Dash
  • Shampoo or Leather Treat Upholstery

Our on-site detailing service can accommodate any type of customer needs. Services include interior shampoo and vacuuming to buffing and waxing the exterior. We can also remove light exterior surface scratches by wet sanding and buffing. Several grades of compounds and waxes are used. Headlight restoration is also offered to restore your foggy headlights back to their original appearance. Prices vary, please call or stop by for pricing.



Other Services:

hl restore

Headlight Restoration

  • Restore cloudy headlights
  • Increase safety and visibility
  • Increase effectiveness up to 80%

Both Headlights Repaired – STARTING AT $49.99

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